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Audian is a next-generation technology company that has been helping businesses move to the #CloudEverything model since 2013. Founded when cloud-based technology was just in its infancy, Audian has combined the benefits of scalability, distributed infrastructure, and work from anywhere flexibility, and applied it to Telecommunications, Managed Networking, Managed Services (IT MSP), and Security. Our three tenets of Simplicity, Speed, and Service remain our three core values, and keep us fiercely aligned on our greatest assets, our clients.

Located in the Pacific Northwest, but with clients around the world, our US-based agents are local and extremely responsive. Our mission is to be an extension of your business, whether it is for high level strategy, or as your IT department, phone company, or networking department. We focus on one-call resolution and recognize that time is an incredibly important asset.

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Audian Through the Years

Feb, 2007

It's the dawn of the business VoIP revolution and Brandon Bazemore and Pramod Venugopal start to put together the first production phone system based on Asterisk. The system runs on a small rack-mounted 1U server about the size of a pizza box, and uses an adapter to integrate with a standard T1/PRI. This reduces the complexity and cost of the normal phone system by over 60% and allows for the use of standard SIP phones.

Aug, 2010

The first installation of a multi-state phone system for a large financial company necessitates a move to the "cloud" from the familiar server installed in the closet. With the advent of higher speed internet, we are now able to leverage the stability and speed to reduce what was once a multi-site fragmented system into a very streamlined and centralized system.

Oct, 2013

Janae Smith joins the company and we incorporate as "Persephone", with a new focus on hosted telecom and becoming the leader in SERVICE based telecommunications. Our goal is to redefine the normally contentious relationship between client and company by providing the best customer service in the industry.

May, 2014

We open our new Headquarters in Kirkland, Washington that doubles our square footage and gives us a centralized location to grow and expand.

Dec, 2014

With year over year growth at 430%, the first year of Business is a great success. More importantly, we are able to hire the top ranked provisioning and support rep from a competitor, Kyle VanHuizen. Kyle is instrumental in the continued growth and universally loved by our clients.

Aug, 2015

Audian announces a brand-new portal and phone system for use by clients. The portal allows for simple and easy drag and drop style management of the phone system that drastically increases the ease of use by businesses. This portal is light years ahead of the competition, and along with our focus on customer service, our clients are able to manage the system themselves.

Jan, 2016

Audian wraps up our 2nd year with year over year growth at 393%, with a focus on the agent channel, Audian shows that continuing to focus on Simplicity, Speed and Service is the right way to do business.

Mar, 2017

Audian integrates a full provisioning portal that allows for remote management of Polycom and Yealink phones to be done with NO need to be on site. This change allows clients to self-service their own phone configurations, and add line keys, monitor presence and move and assign phones without even needing to call.

Jun, 2017

Jeremy King joins the team as the IT Director at Audian to formalize and expand our growing IT team.

Aug, 2017

Audian is featured in Geekwire Magazine’s startup corner as a new upcoming Seattle startup.

Oct, 2017

Anthony Perish joins the team as our Software Engineering Manager and adds a huge boost of horsepower to our platform. Within months of joining, he has coordinated the release of a new end user app and a call recording application that allows companies to easily find and manage all of their recordings.

Sept, 2018

Bill Janes joins Audian in his new role as National Channel Manager, and adds a white glove approach to working with our partners and clients.

Oct, 2018

Continuing our support of the local community, Audian sponsors the TeamsCode event for young programmers in the Seattle area.

Jan, 2019

Due to the rapid rise in the Portland Metro area, Audian established a local presence for IT, Security, and Telecommunication needs.

Mar, 2019

Audian diversifies into Managed Networking as a Service, providing hotels and apartment buildings all in one network solutions for a simple monthly cost, all hardware and bandwidth included.

Dec, 2019

Partnership with Xarios and Audian announced allowing for best in class reporting at a level never seen in the hosted telecommunications space.

Jan, 2020

Audian acquires Abervoice and Skyemanaged IT clients, officially expanding into Southern California and Vancouver Washington.

Mar, 2020

With Covid restrictions and requests for work-from-anywhere solutions, Audian rolls out our new MSP 2.0 package including all security, backup, and management tools allowing businesses to keep their employees working.

Aug, 2021

Expanding East, Audian establishes it’s presence in the Colorado area. (Along with great skiing!)

Jan, 2022

Further expansion brings Audian to establish a strong physical presence in the Dallas, Fort Worth area.

Apr, 2022

Audian solidifies it’s support of Mental Health Awareness with a partnership with C89.5 sponsoring Coping 101.

Dec, 2022

Our software development team releases our new Audian UC Client, a multiplatform, mobile softphone solution to truly enable work from anywhere.

Jan, 2023

Launch of our Microsoft Teams Integration, enabling customers to keep all the benefits of our Hosted Voice Phone System while utilizing their Teams devices as softphones.

Mar, 2023

If you’re seeing this, Audian has launched a refreshed website better showcasing all of our solutions in IT, Managed Networking and Security.