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Audian is a software company redefining the telecom industry. Our focus is on increasing our customers’ Telecompetence by leveraging the latest in software and technology to simplify the complexities once associated with telecom, giving back time and energy to focus on growing their business.

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Feb, 2007

It's the dawn of the business VoIP revolution and Brandon Bazemore and Pramod Venugopal start to put together the first production phone system based on Asterisk. The system runs on a small rack-mounted 1U server about the size of a pizza box, and uses an adapter to integrate with a standard T1/PRI. This reduces the complexity and cost of the normal phone system by over 60% and allows for the use of standard SIP phones.

Utilizing a standard SIP only trunk, we are able to eliminate the traditional carrier T1/PRI which allows us to easily setup new phone systems without long delays and with a reduction of cost that includes flat long distance fees.

Jun, 2008

Aug, 2010

The first installation of a multi-state phone system for a large financial company necessitates a move to the "cloud" from the familiar server installed in the closet. With the advent of higher speed internet, we are now able to leverage the stability and speed to reduce what was once a multi-site fragmented system into a very streamlined and centralized system.

Janae Smith joins the company and we incorporate as "Persephone", with a new focus on hosted telecom and becoming the leader in SERVICE based telecommunications. Our goal is to redefine the normally contentious relationship between client and company by providing the best customer service in the industry.

Oct, 2013

Jan, 2014

We further refine the focus on service adding speed and simplicity as core tenants. Simplicity, Speed and Service is cemented as our core tenants.

We open our new Headquarters in Kirkland, Washington that doubles our square footage and gives us a centralized location to grow and expand.

May, 2014

Sept, 2014

Our favorite intern Richard who is studying at the prestigious Foster School of Business joins the team. He does great work and earns himself a spot on our timeline.

With year over year growth at 430%, the first year of Business is a great success. More importantly, we are able to hire the top ranked provisioning and support rep from a competitor, Kyle VanHuizen. Kyle is instrumental in the continued growth and universally loved by our clients.

Dec, 2014

May, 2015

As market share grows and our product mix expands, we rebrand as Audian. Along with the rebranding comes a new website, marketing materials and focus on training and support of our telecom and IT Partners.

Audian announces a brand new Version 1.0 portal and phone system for use by clients. The new portal allows for simple and easy drag and drop style management of the phone system that drastically increases the ease of use by businesses. This portal is light years ahead of the competition, and along with our focus on customer service, our clients are able to manage the system themselves.

Aug, 2015

Jan, 2016

Audian wraps up our 2nd year with year over year growth at 393%, with a focus on the agent channel, Audian shows that continuing to focus on Simplicity, Speed and Service is the right way to do business.

Audian announces a partnership with Bigleaf networks, going above and beyond the industry standard by mitigating the main risks of VoIP by dealing with the source, ensuring a flawless internet connectivity and management experience.

Feb, 2016

Nov, 2016

After focusing for close to a year on back end improvements to the Audian system, Audian releases a version 2.0 of the portal which includes a fully redesigned and more user friendly portal. This portal allows for even non-technical resources to adjust all aspects of the system.

Audian integrates a full provisioning portal that allows for remote management of Polycom and Yealink phones to be done with NO need to be on site. This change allows clients to self-service their own phone configurations, and add line keys, monitor presence and move and assign phones without even needing to call.

Mar, 2017

Aug, 2017

Audian is featured in Geekwire Magazine’s startup corner as a new upcoming Seattle startup.

Audian celebrates supporting the 80th branch of The Salvation Army. The partnership has been a great success and Audian has saved countless dollars that are being put to use to help those in need.

Sept, 2016

Oct, 2017

Anthony Perish joins the team as our Sr. Product Manager and adds a huge boost of horsepower to our platform. Within months of joining, he has coordinated the release of a new end user app and a call recording application that allows companies to easily find and manage all of their recordings.

We wrap up the year with 262% growth and a featured article in 425 Magazine.

Dec, 2017

Jul, 2018

Audian releases new online user portal for better integration with online faxing, voicemail, call recording and conferencing.

Bill Janes joins Audian in his new role as National Channel Manager, and adds a white glove approach to working with our partners and clients.

Sept, 2018

Jul, 2019

Audian achieves certification with Counterpath, the largest independent softclient software company.

Audian implements managed WiFi network integration for effortless management of hotel guest networks with a simple monthly cost, all hardware and bandwidth included.

Mar, 2019

Jan, 2019

Audian rolls out official HIPAA Program with the ability to provide BAA for clients that require HIPAA compliance.

Continuing our support of the local community, Audian sponsors the TeamsCode event for young programmers in the Seattle area.

Oct, 2018

Sept, 2019

Audian integrates with Google for voicemail transcription and ASR functionality. Voicemail transcription is best in class with even the most difficult recordings being transcribed correctly.

Partnership with Xarios and Audian announced allowing for best in class reporting at a level never seen in the hosted telecommunications space.

Dec, 2019

Jan, 2020

Anthony Perish announced as Software Engineering Manager after recognized leadership over the last two years in driving innovation.

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