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Partner with someone who is as obsessed with the customer experience and technology as you are. We work exclusively with partners, master agents, telecom agents, VAR’s and MSP’s which means our entire process is based around you.

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Partner Benefits

Partner with Audian to offer instant access to speed, simplicity, and service.

The simplicity, speed, and service mantra benefits our Partner relationships as well. Unlike other VoIP services, Audian is easy to manage. Our top-notch customer service experts skillfully handle any heavy lifting that may be required, backed by Audian's "Telecompetence" giving our Partners back time and energy to focus on growing their business. With Telecompetence, we’ve simplified the complexities once associated with telecom, so you and your client referrals will experience complete proficiency in all areas of enterprise telecommunications.

Ease of use and highly responsive support means you don't have to worry about unsatisfied customers venting at you as their referring Partner. Audian VoIP is uncomplicated, straightforward and part of a scalable and repeatable internal sales model. Scalability means whether the customer needs two phones or two thousand, Audian can design the needed solution with the same great service.

Here are some examples of how Audian's processes make partnering a breeze:

  • 611 and it's done. If customers have an issue, they can dial 611 right from their phone and hop right into a support queue, often with as little as a 30-second hold time.
  • From email to quick incident ticketing. If a customer doesn't want to make a call, an email to [email protected] creates a trackable ticket for quick issue resolution.
  • Less need for customer service. With an easy drag and drop management portal, Audian customers can take care of most issues themselves.

With simplicity, speed and service, Audian provides the best VoIP platform. Our Partner program means you are introducing others to the ultimate in VoIP customer experience. Learn more about our Partner program today by emailing us at [email protected]

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