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Audian and Xarios Launch Real-Time Call Analytics

March 25, 2020

Dimensions provides true picture of customer calls and staff performance for business owners from SME to Enterprise

Audian, a software company redefining the telecom industry, announced the availability of Dimensions, the next generation of call analytics, powered by Xarios Technologies, a developer of advanced telephony applications. Integrated into Audian’s Hosted Voice telecom solution for businesses ranging from SME to Enterprise, Dimensions provides cost-effective call logging, innovative real-time call analytics and display technologies. This enables businesses to make better data-driven decisions towards better operational efficiency.

“At our core Audian is a software company, so we recognize the power that accurate, real-time call data can provide our customers as they look to grow their business,” said Brandon Bazemore, CEO of Audian. “Working with our partners at Xarios, we have created a simple, easy-to-use platform through which our customers can quickly and intuitively create custom call reports in their Audian Customer Portal.”

Audian’s new call analytics feature allows users to observe, both visually and audibly, how a call was received and where it was routed. These features provide businesses a true “picture” of any call session, as well as detailed agent and queue performance reports. Additionally, real-time information can easily be displayed on a large TV with a simple Amazon FireTV stick.

“Audian has built a sophisticated, but customer-friendly VoIP system which seamlessly integrates with our analytics product, providing a wealth of easy to access data that their customers can utilize to make key business and staffing decisions,” said Robin Russell, CEO of Xarios. “These features are especially true in today’s remotely distributed workforce; businesses need to maintain the highest level of customer service in the face of such unique challenges.”

In 2019, Audian and Xarios announced a strategic partnership through which the companies’ development teams collaborate on new-to-market software solutions addressing business challenges with end-customers requiring faster and more accurate responses than ever before.

About Audian
Audian is a Unified Communications solution provider that helps businesses leverage modern day technology to help simplify the complexities once associated with telecommunications. Audian's unique approach caters solutions to the customer while automating many of the outdated, time-consuming tasks that have traditionally been associated with telecom. To learn more, please visit

About Xarios

Xarios Technologies is an independent software vendor which specializes in communication applications for SME and mid-range enterprises. Established in 2007, Xarios Technologies design, develop and supply a range of telephony applications that enhance the functionality and usability of communications platforms; delivering performance improvements and integration with other business applications. To learn more, please visit


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