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Audian and Xarios Launch Real-Time Call Analytics

March 25, 2020  By: Brandon Bazemore
Wallboard TV

Dimensions provides true picture of customer calls and staff performance for business owners from SME to Enterprise

Audian, a software company redefining the telecom industry, announced the a...


COVID-19 Service Update: Enabling Remote Work

March 18, 2020  By: Brandon Bazemore
Bria softphones

In a time when many people are working from home, beginning immediately, Audian is offering our customers month-to-month Bria soft phones at no additional cost for up to three months so their employees can work remotely and stay productive during th...


Telecom Tips Amid COVID-19

March 12, 2020  By: Janae Smith
Work from Home

Check back to this post in the coming weeks for more updates and telecom tips as we closely monitor the development of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Surely you’re seeing it everywhere - the spread of Coronavirus or COVID-19 is growing i...


Behind the Scenes with Kenneth Kramke (IT Support)

Feb. 26, 2020  By: Brandon Bazemore
IT Support

We’re pulling the curtain back for another behind the scenes interview with one of our newest faces, Kenneth Kramke. Kenneth came to our Audian team with more than ten years of experience in the IT industry. He is a positive, bright light that hasn’...


Supporting Coding Contests for Students, By Students

Dec. 16, 2019  By: Janae Smith
Audian - Teamscode Fall 2019

Thinking back on our high school years, Saturday mornings were usually reserved for sleeping in, a TV show or two, or some lazy relaxing in your pajamas. Not for TeamsCode, the student-led organization that hosts...


Xarios & Audian Develop Strategic Partnership to Bring Real-Time Call Analytics to the VoIP Market

Dec. 6, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore

Leaders in telecom technology come together to create smart, actionable solutions for business owners seeking data-driven decision making

Audian, a software company redefining the telecom industry, ...


Meet Audian Cares: Our Community Support Initiative, Starting with USA’s Vets

Nov. 27, 2019  By: Janae Smith
Everyone for Vets

We’re excited to announce Audian Cares – a new initiative for Audian aimed at giving back in our local community. We designed this philanthropic program to leverage our collective resources to better those around us t...


Partner Profile: FASTSIGNS of Lynnwood

Nov. 20, 2019  By: Bill Janes

Partner: FASTSIGNS of Lynnwood

Contact: Lisa Stone, Owner and President

Business Type: Print Services

Location: Lynnwood, WA


Partner Profile: Eastside Legal Assistance Program

Oct. 15, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore
ELAP family picture

Partner: Eastside Legal Assistance Program

Contact: Ngoc Nguyen, Operations Director

Business Type: Legal Services

Location: Headquartered in King County, WA


Behind the Scenes with Eric Ronhovde, Support Rep

Sept. 30, 2019
Eric Ronhovde

The days fly by at Audian and our teams are hard at work between customer service inquiries, systems development, and new installations. In the flurry of action, we love slowing down for a moment to get to know our own – where they came from, what t...


Voicemail Transcription: A.I. to Save the Day (and Your Time)

Sept. 16, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore
Voicemail Transcription 2

In a tech world where artificial intelligence and machine learning are making our lives easier every day, we’re proud to launch a new feature to the Audian system which stays true to our Simplicity, Speed, and Service mantra that resonates so well w...


They Don’t Stop, So We Won’t Stop Supporting Teamwork

Aug. 12, 2019  By: Janae Smith
Softball Team.jpg

As we outlined in a past blog post, at Audian we’re a big fan of Teamwork and helping young people take advantage of opportunities to learn and grow together through sports...


Comfy Bed, Nice Breakfast ...and Good WiFi! Bringing Simply Reliable WiFi to Your Hotel Room

July 29, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore
Coast Hotel Sign

Whether for business or a family vacation, after a long day of travel, settling into your hotel room and getting online to check email, watch Netflix, or catch up on your social media channels is a creature comfort we’ve all grown accustomed, if not...


“Putting Coding into Action” - Audian Q&A With TeamsCode Winners

June 24, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore
TeamsCode Q&A Visit

Nothing inspires us more than a group of students eager to become innovators. We’re especially inspired by the students who completed the 2019 Spring MIHS Programming Contest held by TeamsCode, a programming...


Supporting Teamwork in our Community

June 5, 2019  By: Janae Smith
Titans Softball

A phrase you’ll hear quite often around the walls of Audian is “team up”. We team up internally to solve our clients most pressing telecom challenges. We team up with our customers to ensure they not only have the specific tools and technologies to ...


Partner Profile: Decker Retirement Planning

May 13, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore
Decker Retirement Planning

Partner: Decker Retirement Planning

Contact: Mike Decker, President

Business Type: Financial Planning

Location: Headquartered in Seattle, WA


Why We Support Tomorrow's Coders and Innovators

April 3, 2019  By: Janae Smith
TeamsCode Programming Contest

I have a confession to make. I am not a coder… I wish I was...but that ship has sailed and I focus my efforts on supporting the coders we have on the team here at Audian…...But, without a doubt, I know the value of both the technical skills develope...


Boosting Telecompetence for The Rock - Wood Fired Pizza

March 6, 2019  By: Brandon Bazemore
Wood Fired Pizza

The Rock - Wood Fired Pizza is one of the fastest growing restaurant chains in the West, beginning in Tacoma, Washington as a local, go-to pizza joint, now with locations across Washington, Oregon, Colorado ...


e-911 and Kari's law: Implications for businesses

Dec. 28, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore

Kari's Law (also known as H.R. Bill 582 and signed into law on February 16, 2018), requires businesses to enable direct-dial access to emergency services. Multi-line telephone systems (such as those in offices and hotels) require individ...


Net neutrality and its effect on VoIP users

Dec. 7, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore
net neutrality.jpg

In July 2018, India's Telecom Commission agreed to implement the net neutrality framework. This means that internet service providers are no longer allowed to block or grant higher speeds to a certain service or online content.



Common challenges faced during SIP trunking implementation

Dec. 6, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore
SIP Trunking.jpg

Although some businesses turn to SIP trunking because they can't connect to PR1 and T1 trunks, there are so many other benefits to implementing SIP trunking. They include:

  • Delivery of flexible business continuity.
  • Lowe...

Benefits of unified communications for SMBs

Dec. 5, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore

Some of the fundamental challenges that SMBs face (irrespective of location, industry or vertical) include attraction and retention of valuable employees, gaining a competitive edge over rival businesses, improved service delivery to customers, and ...


The future of VoIP: Collaboration, security and growth

Nov. 15, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore
future of voip.jpg

Voice over Internet Protocol, or VoIP, as a communications solution is not a new concept. The technology has been in use for the past two decades and, as of 2016, is utilized by over READ MORE

Telecommuting in the legal industry

Oct. 17, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore
telecommunication in legal industry.jpg

Many law firms are beginning to offer flexible jobs that necessitate (or at least integrate) telecommuting in a bid to attract talented lawyers and retain existing ones. In today's work environment, tech-savvy digital natives make up a huge por...


Transitioning to a cloud-based PBX

Sept. 14, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore
cloud based.jpg

Many companies are joining the cloud migration bandwagon. Cloud technologies are critical components of digital transformation. It helps businesses achieve scalability and reliability across a wide variety of technology needs.

When some people...


VoIP and unified communications in the legal industry

Sept. 11, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore
voip in legal industry.jpg

According to Incom Business, one of the main challenges for law firms is ensuring a seamless, responsive service to their clients. To answer this need,...