Audian Cares

Audian Cares is our company’s philanthropic program designed to leverage our collective resources to better those around us through in-kind technology support, hands-on volunteering, and financial contributions. We have chosen to support a select group of community organizations which align with our company values, experiences, and expertise to give back to the communities we work in.

Everyone for Veterans

Everyone For Veterans

Driven by his own experience in the U.S. Marine Corp, when our CEO Brandon Bazemore met Dr. Theresa Cheng, the founder of Everyone For Veterans, he was immediately drawn to the organization and had to see how Audian could help.

Utilizing the power of the local community to provide services and goods for qualified veterans in the USA, Everyone For Veterans serves veterans (and spouses) who have returned from combat areas and who are struggling financially.

We are proud to provide support to this amazing organization through shared technical expertise to improve internal operations, in-kind technology donations to provide phone service to the organization as well as veterans in need, and co-marketing and social media programs.


As a software company redefining the telecom industry, we understand the power of technology and innovation to impact the biggest and smallest parts of everyday life. To that end, Audian is an ongoing sponsor and supporter of the TeamsCode programming contests to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists.

TeamsCode is for students, run by students. In addition to organizing programming contests, TeamsCode builds online programming lessons in order to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A exam - creating programming problems, giving students early experience with complex data structures and algorithms.

In addition to our financial support as a sponsor of their events, our executives has spoken at their events, helped judge teams work, and we’ve hosted winning teams at our office for lunch and for our team to share experiences with the students on how a computer science education can come to life in the form of a business and real world solution.

We’re very proud to support TeamsCode and look forward to our ongoing collaboration with this one-of-a-kind organization helping to build the next generation of innovators.

TeamsCode Coding Competition
Girls Softball

Girls Softball

Driven by a personal passion of our COO Janae Smith, we recognize and support the unique benefits competitive sports provides young women. In fact, the Women’s Sports Foundation outlines the top benefits for girls playing sports including better performance in school, higher levels of confidence and self-esteem, and lower levels of depression.

Based on this set of beliefs, we’ve built a program to provide financial support to several elite girls softball teams in the region: The Oregon Titans and Bullets Northwest. With Audian’s support this year, players on these teams have the chance to show how their practice and devotion to their craft can pay off. This experience is something these young women will carry through high school, college, and beyond in her career path as they become the leaders of tomorrow.