Sound Mortgage

500 S 336th St
    Federal Way, 98003
    United States

Implemented By

Audian (4 reference(s))

11232 120th Ave NE #206
    Kirkland, WA 98033
    United States

The Challenge

To effectively operate, Sound Mortgage needed to be able to implement a telephony solution that was easily scalable, cost-effective and feature flexible. Cost was an important factor as was the ability to add phones easily and quickly in such a rapidly changing environment. Sound’s existing solution was wrought with problems such as calls going straight to voicemail, and voicemail to email not working resulting in lost calls. In addition, call quality was poor, and a separate hardware network was required simply to compensate.

The Solution

Audian implemented a cloud based PBX system that allowed for expansion without on premise hardware, thereby reducing cost significantly. Existing hardware and phones were leveraged, eliminating the need to purchase all new hardware.

The Results

• Cost was reduced significantly over a traditional on premise system as offices did not require any hardware. Cisco phones were recycled onto the new server, and worked perfectly.
• Voicemail to Email (a free service) was restored, and custom call routing was also configured to meet the clients needs (also included).
• Existing phone numbers were ported over seamlessly so that no interruptioin service was experienced.
• New extensions and features could be added in no time at all.
• Features that had been promised by previous phone companies were now available and inherently easier to implement with a centralized phone server.