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Meet Audian Cares: Our Community Support Initiative, Starting with USA’s Vets

Nov. 27, 2019  By: Janae Smith

We’re excited to announce Audian Cares – a new initiative for Audian aimed at giving back in our local community. We designed this philanthropic program to leverage our collective resources to bett… READ MORE

Behind the Scenes with Eric Ronhovde, Support Rep

Sept. 30, 2019

The days fly by at Audian and our teams are hard at work between customer service inquiries, systems development, and new installations. In the flurry of action, we love slowing down for a moment to get to know our own – where t… READ MORE

Supporting Teamwork in our Community

June 5, 2019  By: Janae Smith

A phrase you’ll hear quite often around the walls of Audian is “team up”. We team up internally to solve our clients most pressing telecom challenges. We team up with our customers to ensure they not only have the specific tools… READ MORE

e-911 and Kari's law: Implications for businesses

Dec. 28, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore

Kari's Law (also known as H.R. Bill 582 and signed into law on February 16, 2018), requires businesses to enable direct-dial access to emergency services. Multi-line telephone systems (such as … READ MORE

Net neutrality and its effect on VoIP users

Dec. 7, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore

In July 2018, India's Telecom Commission agreed to implement the net neutrality framework. This means that internet service providers are no longer allowed to block or grant higher speeds to a certain service or online cont… READ MORE

Telecommuting in the legal industry

Oct. 17, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore

Many law firms are beginning to offer flexible jobs that necessitate (or at least integrate) telecommuting in a bid to attract talented lawyers and retain existing ones. In today's work environment, tech-savvy digital nativ… READ MORE

VoIP and Unified Communications in the Legal Industry

Sept. 11, 2018  By: Brandon Bazemore

According to Incom Business, one of the main challenges for law firms is ensuring a seamless, responsive service to their clients.… READ MORE

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