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Why We Support Tomorrow's Coders and Innovators

April 3, 2019

I have a confession to make. I am not a coder… I wish I was...but that ship has sailed and I focus my efforts on supporting the coders we have on the team here at Audian…...But, without a doubt, I know the value of both the technical skills developers hold, but just as importantly the innovation and positive change that these skills can bring to the world.

It can be overused, but we are living in a world driven by technology more than ever before. Just thinking about my morning today: waking up by an alarm on my smartphone, asking my Alexa device what the weather was going to do today so I could decide what shoes to wear, buying my groceries online to pick up tonight on my way home, and putting the address of my midday meeting into Google Maps to make sure I made it there on time today.

Everything I just described saves me time and makes my life easier...but isn’t it truly amazing to think that skilled computer scientists made these ideas into a reality? Behind each of these seemingly small, but very impactful technologies there are teams of people working together to solve problems, creating new software to help our economy, our society, and the people around us.

As a software company redefining the telecom industry, we understand the power of technology and innovation to impact the biggest and smallest parts of everyday life. To that end, Audian recently sponsored our second TeamsCode programming contest to help inspire the next generation of computer scientists.

An organization here in the Seattle area, TeamsCode is for students, run by students. In addition to organizing programming contests, TeamsCode builds online programming lessons in order to prepare students for the AP Computer Science A exam - creating programming problems, giving students early experience with complex data structures and algorithms.

The TeamsCode 2019 Spring Programming Contest was held in March at Mercer Island High School and included an amazing 68 teams of 142 students from across the region. The day long event was a huge success, and future contests are certainly in the plans.

In addition to our financial support as a sponsor of the event, winning teams will soon visit the Audian headquarters for a casual lunch and learn opportunity led by our CEO Brandon Bazemore, and including our entire team to share experiences with the students on how computer science education can come to life in the form of a business and real world solution. We are looking forward to that opportunity to sit down with these young engineers!

We’re very proud to support TeamsCode for the second time and look forward to our ongoing collaboration with this one-of-a-kind organization helping to build the next generation of innovators. Who knows what young mind will create the next software company that changes our lives!


Posted by: Janae Smith

Janae Smith

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