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Xarios & Audian Develop Strategic Partnership to Bring Real-Time Call Analytics to the VoIP Market

Dec. 6, 2019

Leaders in telecom technology come together to create smart, actionable solutions for business owners seeking data-driven decision making

Audian, a software company redefining the telecom industry, and Xarios Technologies, a developer of advanced telephony applications, have created a strategic partnership to bring the next generation of call analytics and business insights to VoIP telecom systems. As recognized leaders in the development of software-driven, user-friendly telecom solutions, the companies will collaborate on new applications and integrations between platforms enabling customers to make data-driven business decisions.

“We pride ourselves on maximizing our customers’ Telecompetence by leveraging the latest in software and technology to simplify the complexities once associated with telecom, giving our customers back time and energy to focus on growing their business,” said Brandon Bazemore, CEO of Audian. “Our partnership with Xarios only extends our dedication to these principles, and we look forward to learning from and utilizing their approach to call analytics and reporting to deliver performance improvements to our customers.”

The strategic partnership is underway with Audian’s and Xarios’ development teams collaborating on new-to-market software solutions to address operational challenges faced in a business environment where end-customers require faster and more accurate responses than ever.

“We have a passion for our products and how they can work for a customer, a commitment to deliver value and functionality, and a passion for world class customer service,” said Robin Russell, CEO of Xarios. “Audian’s unique approach to hosted voice and data systems — as well as a shared passion for customer service — make them an ideal partner to create new solutions for today’s telecom needs, not those of the past.”


Posted by: Brandon Bazemore

Brandon Bazemore

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